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NDT Technology, NDT Imaging, NDT Systems, Visual Processing and Testing

NDT Technology, NDT Imaging, NDT Systems, Visual Processing and Testing

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NDT Instrument Manufacturers
NDT equipment manufacturers NDT equipment manufacturers face challenges owing to the digitization of equipment and the growing application of software in these systems. With the rising importance of automated systems...
NDT Service Providers
NDT Service Providers NDT Service companies face the challenge of increasing the productivity of their engineers as reporting requirements increase. Further the wide variety of instruments...
NDT Users
NDT Users In today's competitive business environment, organizations are looking for ways to increase profits, avoid equipment downtime, optimize the use of assets, and reduce the cost of service and repair...
Researchers Lucid supports Research Institutions by providing Kovid RT as a base software platform for their research activities. Lucid’s team of trained NDT software engineers understands...

Visual Processing and Testing, Processing Visual, NDT Systems, Technology NDT, Imaging NDT

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KOVID RT: NDT Data Analyzing Solution for X-Ray
Kovid RT is a powerful NDT data analyzing solution built specially for X-RAY. Kovid RT is agnostic to any inspection machine behind it and is almost ready to deploy straight off-the-box. It leverages an extensive NDT experience possessed by Lucid and gives NDT users spectacular capabilities. From advanced reporting to real-time image analysis, Kovid RT is what your competition will fear.
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Kovid RT

Lucid Software presents Kovid RT software, an expert system for nondestructive testing (NDT) and management of inspections.
Kovid RT can acquire data from NDT systems.

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