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John’s spare parts manufacturing business for the aviation industry is doing very well. He’s been foresighted in investing in NDT equipment to ensure his engineers can provide the most reliable parts – every time! His engineers get data from isolated NDT inspection machines, which they string together manually to analyze defects and ensure quality. Everything is A-OKAY ! Or is it ?

What’s the problem ?

In your world, it’s a matter of time before someone accelerates his go-to-market. Think of that time. Think when you and your users will dramatically enhance production since NDT data is being analyzed at record speeds and with remarkable agility. New algorithms for powerful image processing and better usability on the software!

Production decisions will be taken at speeds never thought possible. Equipment agnostic software will change the rules of the game.

The good news is – now YOU have the power to make that change.

Introducing – KOVID RT: NDT Data Analyzing Solution for X-Ray

Kovid RT is a powerful NDT data analyzing solution built specially for X-RAY. Kovid RT is agnostic to any inspection machine behind it and is almost ready to deploy straight off-the-box. It leverages an extensive NDT experience possessed by Lucid and gives NDT users spectacular capabilities. From advanced reporting to real-time image analysis, Kovid RT is what your competition will fear.

See Kovid RT in action. Also, learn how Kovid’s power can be extended to other NDT modalities like ultrasound, eddy currents, impact echo, and many more.


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