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Case Studies

Software for Mechanical Testing Company

Client Description:
Manufacturer of of high quality mechanical testing machines.

To create and integrate specialized testing modules for Fracture Toughness, Fatigue crack growth rates, Strain Controlled fatigue

Our Solution:
We designed the test procedures, inputs, Graphics, calculations, reports based on ASTM testing standards.
For Fracture Toughness - ASTM E1820, Fatigue crack growth rates - ASTM E647,
Strain Controlled fatigue - ASTM E606-92.

Business benefits:
This software has many advantages in the field of materials testing. It offers both, rapid and productive testing and also specialized applications for advanced testing requirements. The software enables easy understanding and performance of the complex tests with ready made test procedures, calculations and reports. The software also provides machine control, data collection and automatic calculations, real-time graphic and digital displays.


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