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Case Studies

Software for UT-Inspection of Weld Seam

Client Description:

A client engaged in manufacturing a range of agricultural equipment

To provide a one piece solution to simultaneously inspect both sides of the weld seam of a critical component in the equipment.

Our Solution:

  • Developed software to connect with specially designed hardware and two probes with 64 elements.
  • Solution could be operated in batch and single/re-inspection mode testing.
  • Provided simultaneous acquisition and display of live B-Scan data of both sides of the weld seam
  • Developed an automatic defect detection routine to mark and identify defects
  • Provided ability to generate and print reports instantly

Business benefits:

  • Increased productivity: Time taken reduced from 1 and 1/2 half days to 30 minutes for completion of one batch testing sequence
  • Increased accuracy, reliability and easy usability: Automatic detection of defects and full coverage of the weld seam inspection area with real-time scan display


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