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Non-Destructive Testing, NDT, NonDestructive Testing, NDT Technical Paper Download  

Non-Destructive Testing, NDT Technical Paper Download

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NDT Technical Paper Download
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NDT Instrument Manufacturers

NDT equipment manufacturers face challenges owing to the digitization of equipment and the growing application of software in these systems. With the rising importance of automated systems in the NDT equipment market, NDT vendors need to improve the data capture, processing and presentation of NDT test results across geographic locations to ensure maximizing the benefits of automation. These are the challenges that Lucid can help address, with our systems and software expertise.
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New Product Development incorporating NDT Kovid RT

If you are building a new NDT instrument for UT, EC, X RAY or any other modality you can:
accelerate your new product design and development process by incorporating NDT Kovid RT as your base software platform. NDT-Kovid RT has been developed to acquire the information from an NDT system in a usable form for processing before storing and archiving, either online or offline. In addition, the platform incorporates advanced visualization techniques for easy viewing of results.

NDT-Kovid RT is based on modular, scalable architecture, which enables instrument manufacturers to adopt the software platform at their own pace, while ongoing developments introducing new functionality continue to expand the platform itself. NDT Kovid RT enables the provision of advanced imaging features in all types of instruments.

With the ability to use NDT Kovid RT across various modalities, instrument manufacturers can have continuity of a software platform that is maintained and updated by Lucid. This enables instrument manufacturers to offer to NDT users a stable software platform that can be extended to support asset management and utilization of NDT data for range of purposes.

You can further leverage our NDT domain expertise, product process and engineering capabilities to build customized software applications

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Software Maintenance Services

Lucid Software offers to take on software engineering and technical ownership for customers’ software products that are in their mature phase, to help realize the maximum value from existing Intellectual property

As part of this offering we provide enhancements and functionality upgrades to the existing features of the product. We can handle the Release Management and source control management activities, completely, for the product further in its lifecycle. We can migrate your products to new versions of compatible operating systems, hardware, databases etc.

By using this service, you can enable your internal team to design and develop new systems and components. Further this reduces overall cost of ownership and extends your development budget significantly.

Specialised Development Services

Lucid Software offers specialized development services to address specific customer needs at any stage of the development life cycle. These Services are aimed at supporting the customer's engineering team with readily available specialist resources, to deliver solutions derived from their core strengths.

These services based on our expertise include use of genetic algorithms for solving optimization problems in NDT and other domains. Image processing and Visualization is another key strength that we can offer to our customers. Lucid Software can draw on its pool of trained experts to provide a quick turnaround of customer needs.

Complete Product Outsourcing

Lucid can take on the complete design and development of the software component of the new system by providing;
Product definition
Requirement specification definition
Architectural design
System level design
Software development
Module integration and testing

Non-Destructive Testing, NonDestructive Testing, Testing Non Destructive, Technical Paper NDT Download

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